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Youngr is the go-to, trusted meeting point for top-rated clinics, products and people interested in Anti-Aging.

Youngr helps people who aim to stay young, vitalic, and attractive to discover, learn, connect and transact with a personalized curation of the best clinics, treatments and products in the Anti-Aging industry. Our users come to Youngr to discover continually updated content that makes it easy to compare, read reviews, see testimonials, make appointments or purchase top-rated products or treatments.

In the constantly evolving Anti-Aging industry, new treatments and products emerge daily and it's overwhelming to find trusted information and guidance towards making the right choice. Youngr provides information backed by experts, so that it’s easier to make informed decisions and find the ideal treatments and service providers.

Youngr’s Values:

Trusted: We are the industry guru and best friend you can come to whenever you want to learn or invest in something related to Anti-Aging. We’ll spill all the best-kept secrets for longevity.
Backed by experts: You can trust everything on our platform is backed by experts & science. We are a data-driven company.
Tailored: We are focused on personalized recommendations according and tailored to your personal needs, not everyone’s.
Top-Rated:, We have the highest-standards in everything we do. We offer a curation of only the best
Empowering your Best-Self: We don’t aim to change you, we strive to empower your best present and future self. We do this by filtering all the options available and presenting only the most qualified treatments and products.
Easy & Effective: Procedures, interactions, communication and the platform itself are easy, clear and effective.
Our team of experts stays up to date with current and upcoming treatments related to Anti-Aging. Even though there are many new options each day and the disparity of treatments in the Anti-Aging field make it impossible to have a single criterion to validate a procedure, product or treatment, we use a high-standard filter with essential characteristics that a treatment must meet in order to share only the best of them with you. Take a look at what standards we look for in a treatment:
The treatment must comply with the applicable regulations according to its nature.
Any treatment must present demonstrable scientific and clinical evidence that justify the results it promises.
In the case of invasive procedures, it is mandatory to ensure the treatment maintains a process of sterility at all times to avoid infections derived from the treatment.
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It's hard to choose a provider for treatments related to something as important as your health. That’s why we make sure that the clinics in Youngr meet official standards as well as our own standards which include having a valid medical licensing, having a satisfaction rating system, minimum review scores, commitment to prompt responses, valid certifications, among others.
That way, we can assure we only present clinics with high patient satisfaction, good medical standing and positive reviews. Take a look at what standards we look for in a clinic:
Valid Medical Standing: We verify that Clinics with a profile in Youngr have valid medical licensing and required certifications
Outstanding Patient Satisfaction: We assure a curation of the best clinics in the industry; clinics with a profile in Youngr must have a satisfaction rating system with positive reviews and a minimum score of 4 out of 5 stars
Efficient processes: we assure our users receive an outstanding customer service; clinic’s with a profile in Youngr commit to responding to appointment requests within 2 business days.
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We curate a selection of the best products in Anti-Aging and make it easy for you to get personalized recommendations through our selector of conditions.

We identify the most innovative and top-rated products and tools that are backed by science and our industry experts. Look for our badge of Top-Picks for even more recommended products!

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Our passion is to research and learn about current and upcoming treatments, products and clinics in the industry of Anti-Aging. We take a curious, open-minded, but also backed by science, approach to our curation. We ask questions about everything, explore, gather information and data and organize all these components so that we can share our findings with you in the most trusted and transparent way.

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