Cryotherapy / Cryolipolysis

For a long time, heat has been the center of attention for the vast treatments offered by the aesthetics industry, technology using low temperature has gained a place in the industry as well. The word cryo means cold, cryotherapy and cryolipolysis use cold in order to deliver results. Cold has impressive effects against certain conditions. Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen decompression to reach extremely low temperatures. This liquid nitrogen is disseminated over the entire body. Cryolipolysis uses temperatures reaching down to -9ºC to crystallize fat cells which activates their self-destruction and death.

Procedure time

2 - 5 Min


Depending on type of therapy

Recovery time

1 - 7 Days

Time to see results


For whom?

Male and female

Recomended age range

28 - 74

What is a Cryotherapy / Cryolipolysis for?

Cryotherapy is a form of physiotherapy that offers pain relief through cold while cryolipolysis uses the same mean (cold) to destroy localized fat in our body.

What our experts think

"Cryotherapy is a well-tolerated and inexpensive treatment that works by retarding haematoma formation due to capillary constriction and decreased blood flow due to the lower levels of oxidative stress and inflammation induced by cold. The cold also removes the root cause of pain by reducing muscle spasm and nerve conduction in the injured area, thereby reducing the impact of secondary ischemic injury. Cryotherapy should never be used prior to vigorous exercise because the cold increases the stiffness of the collagen fibres, resulting in decreased muscle flexibility. Cold-sensitive patients may be at risk of local burns or systemic complications. Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical technique for localized fat reduction because the lipid-rich tissues are more susceptible to cold damage than the surrounding water-rich tissue. This targeted cold promotes damage to the adipocyte cells and induces apoptosis while sparing skin, nerves, vessels and muscles. This procedure has mild, short-term side effects such as erythema, bruising, changes in sensation and pain. It is best recommended for patients who only need a slight or moderate removal of adipose tissue and fat, it is important to note that the removal of dead adipocytes from the treatment site takes place over the next few weeks or even months."

Who should consider Cryotherapy / Cryolipolysis?
You should consider it if...

Cryotherapy is mostly aimed for people who are involved in sports or patients with muscular lesions. Cryolipolysis is ideal for people with stubborn fat accumulations that are hard to eliminate with exercise and diets.

You shouldn't consider it if...

People with cryoglobulinemia and urticaria

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What to expect with a Cryotherapy / Cryolipolysis

Cryotherapy provides patients with pain relief that allows the body to heal progressively with much less stress and inflammation. A bit of discomfort can be felt due to low temperatures, but don’t worry, the feeling is bearable and most people find it to be relaxing. As for cryolipolysis, the discomfort does not come from the cold, but from the vacuum during the procedure. Don’t worry about this either… you will just feel numbness in the treated site.

Frequently Asked Questions
What areas can cryolipolysis treat?
Abdomen, chin, upper arms, waist, hips, back fat and legs are some areas that can be treated and sculpted with this technology.
Can I have multiple consecutive sessions?
No! In order for the fat cells to be eliminated takes around 6 to 8 weeks, for this reason it is highly recommend to have sessions done 6-8 weeks apart . Remember… slow but safe!
If takes that long to eliminate fat cells, when will I see the desired results?
The results won't be immediate. But desired results will come slowly but surely. Results will be visible in an approximate period of 6 months.

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