Chin Augmentation Implant

Genioplasty, better known as chin augmentation is the surgical procedure for chin enhancement. Improves and harmonizes jawline contour and improves neck appearance. Basically the surgery involves the placement of an implant in the bone of the existing chin.

Procedure time

15 - 60 Min


None / Local

Recovery time

24 - 48 Hrs

Time to see results


For whom?

Male and female

Recomended age range

28 - 74

What is a Chin Augmentation Implant for?

The purpose of placing an implant is to increase size and reshape of the chin that will eventually improve the appearance of the neck and face with a better proportion (facial harmony).

What our experts think

"Chin augmentation implant, mentoplasty or genioplasty, is a type of plastic surgery performed to reshape or increase the size of the chin in order to balance face appearance. Implantation is performed to add volume to the chin, whereas bone reshaping is done to reduce the size of the chin. Different sources have reported that chin augmentations can cause bruising and soreness for up to 2 weeks, it can also cause swelling which may persist for 1-1.5 months as well as numbness, which can be a common complication around the chin and can last around 3 weeks. It is important to inform patients that, in some instances, it has been observed that a chin augmentation does not provide the complete satisfaction sought for by the patient, which causes them to go in for more procedures to achieve “perfection.” People having long teeth with a short mandibular height should avoid this surgery as it is difficult to establish proportionate features for them. In general, patients with heart problems, those of ill-health and taking anticoagulants should not undergo the procedure."

Who should consider Chin Augmentation Implant?
You should consider it if...

The candidates are patients who wish to achieve facial harmony, eliminate double chin or weak chin.

You shouldn't consider it if...

No restrictions for candidate selection except allergies

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What to expect with a Chin Augmentation Implant

Since it is a surgical procedure, the patient will experience discomfort and slight pain. But once recovered will have a proportioned face with no double chin. Natural feeling at touch and image.

Frequently Asked Questions
When can I return to my daily life?
You’ll take around 7 days until you can fully return to your normal activities with minimal discomfort. For physical activities you'll have to wait until the 4th week. But all will be worth the effort once you see yourself in the mirror!
Can the implant fall?
That is an uncommon issue, unless you get hit or have any kind of accident that could exert a significant force to the chin. The implant is really durable and intended to be permanent.
What kind of aftercare will I need?
An important after care will be sleeping face up and slightly elevated for at least 2 weeks to control swelling and healing. Some surgeons might request the use of wraps or pressure dressing for a week.

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